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Welcome to my website! I guess as you are in the 'About Anita' section, you would like to know a bit more about me and how I can help you achieve all you dream of! I am Anita Smith, an energetic and enthusiastic female Personal Trainer based in Oxford. Outgoing and sociable, I have a talent for rapidly developing empathetic client relationships and tailoring classes and programmes to suit all capabilities.

anita 2A qualified Oxford personal trainer. I have extensive knowledge and experience in female fitness needs including nutrition, weight loss, core strength and flexibility.

I served in the RAF for 9 years and was a qualified accountant for many years before retraining as a Personal Trainer (my dream job!). I currently run TriNeet Fitness. I have worked at a number of Oxford gyms, gaining lots of valuable experience along the way. In the past I was the fitness instructor for the Women's Institute Denman College near Abingdon. 

I've been a competitive athlete for all of my adult life. Since the age of 10 I was racing in running events, during my time in the Royal Air Force I represented my service and the Combined Services, you could say running is in my blood!

In 2007 I did a mini-triathlon at Club La Santa on Lanzarote, somewhere that comes highly recommended! After that I was hooked and I haven't looked back since!

In June 2013 I competed for Great Britain in my age group at the Triathlon European Championships in Turkey. In 2014 I again competed at the Triathlon European Championships in Kitzbuhel. In 2016 I qualified to race at the World Championships in Cozumel, Mexico. Head over to my blog to read how my race went!

In 2018 My goal is again to qualify for the Triathlon World and European Championships in 2019.

Your goals should excite and scare you at the same time! So I'm busy preparing to have another great triathlon season :)

Working with people as a personal trainer both one on one and in groups has taught me that a person's state of mind has a major impact on the body's defences. Anxiety, stress and depression all contribute to the body's inability to heal, both mentally and physically.

I believe in the power of a person's mindset and it's ability to affect any attempts at improving either the outward appearance or internal health of our bodies.

Please do get in touch if you or anyone you know has a mental health issue and would like to get a bit fitter with other people in the great outdoors.

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